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Melih Varol

Graduate Research Assistant


I am Melih and I am PhD student in Kadir Has University Psychological Science Program. Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in understanding the social world and different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. I became intensely interested in history, human geography, and later psychology and sociology as I grew older. In high school, I decided to pursue a psychology education to become a therapist. I intended to work with a diverse group of people to help them overcome their adversaries. However, as I made it through years of my psychology education, I found myself enjoying learning and researching more than the idea of doing therapy; therefore, I shifted my focus to understanding intergroup relations and the overall social world. To have a wide perspective, I took several Sociology courses and later started my second B.A. education in Anthropology. I believe psychology is not strongly linked to other social sciences, which creates difficulties in explaining the social world holistically. By attaining a diverse and thorough education in various fields, I aim to be a part of the solution and bring together ideas, perspectives, and research methodologies.

Currently, my research interests include Political Psychology (Issue Ownership Theory, Left & Right-Wing Authoritarianism), Psychological Anthropology (Cultural differences and similarities in thinking), and Historical Psychology.

Apart from my academic interests, I enjoy playing RPG games, amateur political forecasting (mainly for USA congressional races), and traveling across the country (hopefully the world in the future) to see different places and experience history.

Melih Varol
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