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Ilayda Velioğlu

Graduate Research Assistant

Hello! My name is İlayda and I am a psychological science master’s student with a deep interest in morality, the psychology of religion, and cooperation. I am also a self-proclaimed stats nerd and love nothing more than spending hours writing code in R. In fact, I find the data analysis aspect of research to be the most rewarding part of the process.

Apart from that - I also have a wealth of diverse interests including curiosity about history, especially the historical period where social psychology was in its golden age (WWII), planes, and alpinism is insatiable, and I enjoy practicing kickboxing in my free time. And let's not forget about my beloved feline companions — they provide endless entertainment and keep me company on my journey. Finally, I would like to thank ChatGPT for helping me prepare this writing.

Ilayda Velioğlu
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