Moral Intuitions Lab (the MINT Lab) is a psychology research laboratory led by Dr. Onurcan Yılmaz at Kadir Has University, Istanbul. Our group consists of senior researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and alumni. Generally speaking, we study the intersection between morality, politics, religion, and decision making. More specifically, we use a cognitive science perspective to study the influences of intuitive and reflective decision making processes on various belief systems.


If you are a Turkish native speaker, and if you want to participate in our scientific research as participants in exchange for lottery tickets, you can sign up to our e-mail list and get notified of a new research announcement. More information is available at this link in Turkish.


  • We're happy to announce that Dr. Onurcan Yılmaz has been awarded "The Best Young Scientists Award" of the year (BAGEP 2021) by The Science Academy.

  • We're happy to announce that Dr. Onurcan Yılmaz and Dr. Ozan Isler have been awarded "Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards" with an award-winning essay titled "Cognitive and Behavioural Consequences of the COVID-19 Threat around the World and in Turkey".

  • We received the "TÜBİTAK 1001" short-term research grant to promote compliance with preventive measures toward COVID-19. Our lab will act as the principal investigator on this project.

  • We announce the release of new book in Turkish "The psychology of the right and left: People worlds apart" by Dr. Sinan Alper & Dr. Onurcan Yılmaz

  • We received the "Thinkforward" long-term research grant to promote financial preparedness under cognitive resource scarcity. Our lab will act as an external collaborator on this fantastic project.