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Yiğit Aşık

Lab Tech

Hey there!

My interest in human behavior started out with Robert Sapolsky's "Human Behavioral Biology" course on YouTube. I enjoyed the nitty-gritty details but, I really liked the application of game theory to reciprocal altruism. While wanting to learn more about the subject, I ran into science of religion and since then I have been in the lab.

Being in the lab as an undergraduate, I wanted to make myself somewhat ready for grad school and I felt like I was lacking some technical skills. So, I focused more on applied mathematics and statistics which eventually led me to data science. As a result, I switched statistical softwares with Python and participated in a data science boot camp.

I currently work as a data scientist at a private bank in Istanbul, Turkey. I find joy in writing code and analyzing data, reflecting that I have been doing basketball analytics on my free time. All of these can be found here:

Yiğit Aşık
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