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Fırat Şeker

Graduate Research Assistant

I’m mainly interested in the evolution of human morality and the role religions and other cultural practices play. I’m also interested in political psychology, the cognitive science of religion, and moral reasoning. I recently got interested in behavioral ecology and historical psychology. I aim to apply these perspectives together with game theory, cultural evolution, and evolutionary psychology to my research and understand human nature from a wider perspective. Other than these, I have always been interested in the psychology of music and how it relates to personality.

Psychology aside, I am also deeply interested in diverse topics, such as history and astronomy. I am passionate about writing and making music. I write novels, mainly fantasy, and I have a Medium page where I write about topics that I find interesting or important. I have been playing guitar for five years. I am in a band where I am the lead guitarist; I also compose my own music.


Fırat Şeker
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